Super Haystack Challenge is a simple platformer that turns the concept of needle in a haystack into a fun game! Challenge yourself searching for a sugar cookie in a tile maze, racing against time & avoiding the lava below!

This game was made to participate in Ludum Dare 37! Please vote for it here: 


Navigate through Procedural mazes

The name of the game is to learn all of the different variables that makes up your procedural maze, you never know what type of circumstances will be thrown at you with each maze that you encounter! 

Find The Cookie

Navigating through the maze is the name of the game, but finding the cookie in the tile maze is the game! Challenge yourself by finding a small sugar cookie in a maze that gets larger as the difficulty increases! When you have found the cookie, you have won.




Collect from a variety of 3 power-ups that all help you, navigate towards the cookie, make the maze easier for you to navigate, & makes the game more interesting & enjoyable!

Unlock new modes & Difficulties

Play campaign mode & see if you've got what it takes to beat every level & unlock sandbox mode!