Alpha  Release - Build v0.1.0

Polygorisms is a biology simulator that borrows from the principals of Darwinism - survival of the fittest. Each Polygorism grows & evolves over time as does the environment, so only those who mutate adaptable traits will thrive. If you're a fan of simulators, I believe that you'll really enjoy observing Polygorism evolution for hours on end.


Food Is Survival

The primary objective for a Polygorisms species is to have as much access to food as possible. As a species evolves, they will constantly have to compete for with other species & Polygorisms for food. Only those with the most suitible traits will be able to keep their belly's full which in turn results in more offspring!

Produce Offspring

Offspring are how species adapt to the ever changing environment. Only Polygorisms that are well nourished will produce offspring & pass on their genes. With enough radiation a Polygorism's offspring will also mutate a random favorable or unfavorable trait!



Death Is Inevitable

Every Polygorism meets their maker at some point, the real question is what was the legacy of that Polygorism? How did that Polygorism contribute to their species? How many offspring did they produce & how many favorable mutations did they create for the gene pool?


No play through will ever be the same, nor will 2 separate Polygorism species that you find. It's because of that fact Polygorisms are fascinating digital organisms to observe for hours on end, you just never know what they'll do next!