Facebook Copyright Infringement

Facebook is a wonderful place to some, but a terrible place for others, but my intent for writing this post isn't to rant about why I despise facebook so much, I just wanted to touch on Facebook's initiative to take market share away from YouTube.

Now, I come across many videos during my 3 minute spurts while on facebook, most of them being vines, but a lot are surprisingly YouTube videos which can be a cool thing. From hilarious realizations to mind blowing or revealing content, I often find myself enjoying what I come across though I hate the feeling of being on facebook. All of this so far is good, but the issue that stems from this is that the posts are highly unlikely to be from the original content creator, chances are that some celebrity or popular fan page has posted someone else's video. I've heard from friends may times that facebook has stolen their video, & this has even happened to me once or twice, but the issue was really put into perspective when I seen Rahat's tweet.

The issue is always that credit is not given to the original content creator, the person or persons who put the hard work into the content is left out for someone else's benefit & that just isn't right.

There are so many ramifications to this, what if you spent a lot of time on a project & then someone else creating another link for their own credit & that becomes the link that gets shared around instead of yours? What if you've worked hard enough to get video production to be your livelihood & someone just uploads your video & takes away from your opportunity to keep that going? I remember watching some video on facebook & just being interested by it but I couldn't figure out where it had came from to watch more, & the comments were just filled with @tags to tell their friends to watch it, why was it so hard to figure out who created that content? Better question, why is this okay?

I feel like the problem that YouTube content creators is facing right now is the same issue that Cable had to deal with the introduction of YouTube, but now from YouTube -> Facebook, it's even more condensed & even more sporadic. The good news here is that Cable execs pressured YouTube enough until they made some changes for the better, & I think that is what facebook is in need of right now, because we don't need another worldstar. [ I still don't understand why people take such pride in being featured on Worldstar, they don't embed your video ] If they don't fix it, I see the future of internet content like this for example:

My friend Mike posted a video that he found funny I am assuming, which is fine & I'd actually advocate all day, but this post that he is sharing is from Rap Musician Tyga with 8.1M views. Now I would have no gripe if this was a video of Tyga throwin' hunnids hunnids at the camera or something, but it's not, its a video that I assume Tyga or perhaps even the people who post for him think is funny. Then within the video there is an @tag on screen which is another credit, but how do we know that this is the creator of the content? I looked it up & it turned out it is but that isn't always the case. 

So in order to get credit for your own work you to have to have your credits on screen at all times? It is a shame that everyone wants credit without creating value, but I understand Darwinism very well & so I know what I must do! haha