Unfortunately, I Am Currently Not In Control

Boy is this a very weird time for me. I am very used to having control of things around me but the control has been removed from my hands due to my car maintenance costing $2K+. It's very weird, I LOVE my car, more than you probably think after reading that line. I have a weird connection with cars & I just love them. Every time my car would feel like shit, it would reflect on my mood as well. Now that my car isn't drive-able & I am unsure what I am going to do with it at this point, my mind just isn't working correctly.

Not to mention this all happened at a very bad time. I was hoping to release some SEFD videos in 3-4 weeks, [ either the 14th or 21rst of August ] but now I may have to push back the date a little further back when I really don't want to. We've already lost out on about 4 shoot days due to my car issue & it's just a shitty feeling overall. If any of you guys know me, filming public sketches is a great get away from stress & all of that jazz for me, so to replace filming with more bullshit is shitty haha.

Now I don't want you think that I am suffering any form of "depression" or anything crazy like that, I'm fine & I know it'll eventually work it'self out, it's just that I felt like writing this would help me get a better overview of the situation.

Anyhow, to sum stuff up, having to bum rides off of people, & borrow couches, showers & what not sucks. The metro from my house to my area of work / filming / friends is like 25 miles & I have to do a trolley transfer in between, it just wouldn't be worth it.

Sure, I know there are way worst problems in the world, hell maybe even down the street from my house. But I don't know. Can't wait for all of this to be over.

Haha I must go now before I start to re-read this post & end up canceling publishing for this post. You'd be surprised how often I write detailed posts but delete them after reading them because they feel too cheesy. You get the point, I am going to sleep now so I can get up early & bum a ride to work haha.