About These So Called "Pranks"

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, & here is mine.

These quote on quote "Public Pranks" just aren't funny anymore. Back when I started in late 2010 there was a lot of lore & aspiration involved with crafting a prank video, but now days it's nothing but pissing people off with no real intent, or trying to perv on as many loosey girls as possible, or Feeding The Adsense, I mean homeless. Ultimately I say hey if there's an audience for it then there is an audience for it, but damn how things have changed.

Quote on quote "Public Pranks" no longer take any sort of skill or stench of creativity. Anyone could easily go around saying "SAYING FUCK YOU" to people while holding a phone up to their ear then when someone gets pissed, recant that with "Oh no I am just talking to someone on the phone, big misunderstanding," & if they want to for sure a success hit, they can do "SAYING FUCK YOU IN THE HOOD PUBLIC PRANK" in which they are for sure to get repressed & naturally agitated people to get angry even quicker. [ PS I just made up this example, I don't know if this video actually exist but wouldn't be surprised ]

This all came about while watching Bad Grandpa recently, Johnny Knoxville does just that, he gets this guy really worked up, but Knoxville & dickhouse didn't per say prey on this guy out looking for trouble, looking for him to just simply react, they created an unusual situation letting the guy approach them & play off of the guy's energy. This way there is actually something to reveal. Had Irving aka Bad Grandpa aka Knoxville went up to this guy & just said fuck you to the guy with no merit behind it, there wouldn't of been anything to reveal. A fuck you is still a fuck you, regardless of if a camera is rolling or not.

Last thing are those helping the homeless videos, I laugh everytime that I see one. Not because they're funny, but because they are always a contradiction. If helping is your true intent, why do you need to film it? Who are you truly trying to help here, the homeless in your city, or your views & adsense account? My mother & aunt onced helped a man get back on his feet buying him meals & paying for his hotel stay back in like '06 or something, I wonder why they didn't film the guy & exploit him, maybe they should have.

But when it's all said & done I am not hating, kids. Keep doing what you do if you enjoy it & don't give a shit about what another man or woman thinks. But all that I am saying is that I rarely get to laugh at new "Public Pranks" like I used to in the good old days. :/

Whatever, I guess everyone gets old & out of touch at some point haha, but new SEFD Videos coming soon, see you in August muchachos.