Top 10: E3 2015 - Most Exciting Titles

So, just to stay consistent with what I did last year, here are the most exciting E3 Titles to me from the 2015 conferences & show floor. Some of these titles you may have heard of already, some of these titles may have already been on my list from years prior, but these are the top 10 titles that drummed up the most amount of excitement for me.

10 - Starfox Zero

Starfox Zero is number 10 for a reason. I love the Starfox brand & what it represents, BUT, the game doesn't really look appetizing. The demo opened up with pretty much the same level as on the N64 which, eh for nostalgic reasons was cool, but I really want to see what's new that they bring to the table. P.S. That land walker thing wasn't really enough for me to be sold. :/

Though, I must say, I will play the game, & I'm sure it'll be fun, but in terms of this countdown, it wasn't all too exciting.

9 - Battleborn

Battleborn looks interesting, looks a lot like the chaos FPS multiplayer games like Borderlands, Team Fortress, Gotham City Impostors, Splatoon, etc, which I'd be interested to at the very least try out it's mechanics.

8 - Starwars Battle Front

I am a huge Starwars lover, but I hate FPS's unless it offers something very unique to the game play. I've never played the previous Battlefront so my entrance into the franchise will be nostalgic free, I just hope that the lore of Starwars, or the game mechanics will be enough to keep me enticed with this game. Eitherway, check out the Multiplay Demo below, it's very exciting.

7 - The Last Guardian

This game has me wondering so many questions & that is why I feel that I must play it. I am a story driven person by nature, & I've always been, I feel that this game will tell a great story with some puzzle mechanics, both of which I am more than willing to bare. Watch the E3 trailer & tell me how curious it makes you.

6 - XCOM 2

I know a lot of people perhaps wont agree with my decision here, especially at a #6 spot, BUT! I loved XCOM on PS3 & am excited for XCOM2. I loved the strategy mechanics of this game & seeing as they only added to this sequel, I am excited to take the excitement only further in XCOM 2. If you enjoy strategy games & have never tried the new XCOM game, I hands down recommend that you give it a try.

5 - Xenoblade Chronicles X

Oh sweet sweet JRPG's, how my love for you have been a rollercoaster over the past decade or so. Xenoblade Chronicles looks very expansive & enticing for a player like myself. Take an immersive free roam world, with core RPG elements & add summonable mechs? This is a game that I must experience. Though I've never played any other entries in the Xenoblade saga, I expect that it will also lead a great story as well.

4 - Fallout 4

I've only played Fallout New Vegas briefly, & the few minutes that I did play of it was very fun. I am miles excited for Fallout 4! Bethesda is one game studio that has no fear in pushing the limits & boundaries of software capabilities. Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is another title from them & I was very impressed with the immersion of that world, I expect no exception with Fallout 4, I again, I am miles excited for this title.

3 - No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky, boy I must say that this title has me afraid. The longer that it stays in development the more I begin to fantasize about the potentiality of what the game could be but that is never a healthy endeavor. It's presences at E3 this year was to the point, not entirely sure if it was enough to match the excitement of last year, but luckily I have been staying away from press & other opinions on this game because I wouldn't want this title to end up how spore did for me; nothing in which I expected it to be, & perhaps even advertised. Either way, No Man's Sky is a for sure purchase for me because I am space junkie at heart, I will continue to stay away from all press from this game be it official or not & when it comes out, I will create the experience that I desire within the confines of what HelloGames set. :)

2 - Hololens via Minecraft

This isn't really a title, it's more of an incredible tech innovation demo than anything, but either way this made number 2 for a reason. I've played minecraft briefly before but never have I bought it. Namely because I haven't found a group to play it with yet, but I would for sure be interested to buy this game just for the tech alone. I can only imagine the titles that could be published with this tech, well mostly simulators, but a City Simulator, Life Simulator like The Sims, planet simulator like Universe Sandbox, hell, I even have some titles of my own that I'd love to develop with on hololens! I could imagine this tech being implemented into Television, Movies, Websites, you name it! If you can't already tell, I am very excited for this tech!

1 -Final Fantasy VII - Remake

I am very sorry but the fanboy in me will not let me override my excitement for this title. Final Fantasy VII - Remake is finally confirmed & is upon us. Holy shit I can't believe I just said that. I am both excited for the fact that I get to re-live one of my favorite storyarcs ever told, & play one of my favorite RPG mechanics again, but also very afraid that it won't be anywhere near what I've been fantasizing about for almost 10 years now. Great thing is that Nomora is in charge for this project, & all the spin off titles & movies even that they've released for FFVII have been great, so in Square I trust. I can't wait to see Cloud take charge of a high poly Ifrit to take down The Turks. You bet your ass chills will ensue down my spin.

Feel free to weigh in with your thoughts on the games, my perspective or what have you, I'll be replying to all comments posted here & would love to discuss any aspect with you.