SEFD has changed, your thoughts here.

So every year or so SEFD gets a hard reset.


the first one I remember was in 2012 when we added simple yet generally aimless content, versus the story attached / intro & outro / social commentary style of videos that we had previously been doing. 


We stopped doing the simplistic content & tried both bringing back consistency & focusing on higher quality content.

2014 - Current

SEFD is now working on just full out high quality content for the main channel, flat out more content for the 2nd channel, & we are launching the extension to SEFD, SEFD Apparel.

But of course there are problems with this new reset; I am not entirely sure of what our upload schedule is going to be like. As much as I'd love to do once a week, the fun, joy & adrenaline that I get from that is amazing, I want to make content that is fun to do & provides a certain aesthetic to the viewer. It is very difficult & long to explain, but to put it simply, I no longer want to produce videos in which are easily imitated because there comes a certain point in which "who did it first?" is no longer relevant but "who did it best?" will forever be ingrained. I don't know, I am going to try this out for now & see how I enjoy it. But I know what a couple of you are thinking, Jabril why don't you just upload every week & think about the money man, luckily for me I've never been about the money with Video Producing. I think it is partially the reason why I've been able to stick around for some 3+ years despite barely breaking 50K subs, I genuinely love this shit.

Help Me & Do My Survey

Any who as I always state, I could go on & on about this topic, but to save your eyes & attention span from fatigue, I'll cut it short here, but I would like to ask for your help a bit. Below I ask a question regarding SEFD & I'd love to get your feedback.

Happy Hunting.

P.S. I am taking all questions, so feel free to leave any.

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