SEFD is officially done with the "Prank Community"

Haha, I need to make this brief or else I'll never post it. Trust me, I have way too many drafts saved, but anywho:

SEFD is officially done with the "Prank Community," finito & possibly forever.  The "Prank Community" has changed & evolved, which I respect because that is natural. I am a huge proponent of Darwinism which proposes that you either adapt or die; beat them or join them. No, please be sure, I am not sitting here being bitter & hating on how things are now, that isn't what this post is about because that energy doesn't help anything, in fact if I played on that energy all the time I wouldn't have the time & energy to realize this new direction, you know?

Now don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean that SEFD is done & will not be making videos, it in it's simplest form means that we are looking for a new community to become a part of.

When it comes to the "Prank Community," I must say that the sense of community is very poor in correlation to other communities, though it wasn't always as bad as it is now. I can recall back in 2012 [ shit I'm old ] some 5+ prank channels all communicated, created together, hours long skype session & the whole works, & now the energy in the prank space is just weird, & I wont lie, I don't care to be around a good number of prank channels now-a-days, the inspiration is just not there for me, & I just love to be inspired really.

But back to Darwinism, I refuse to do sexual content because it's just not funny to me & there's nothing I can do about the way my brain works; I wont do comments anymore because it has morphed into something that represents atrocity; No on kissing / picking up girls because I don't want to create some short-term branded fantasy for these horned kids; No on (IN THE HOOD) / (GONE WRONG) because these just propagate hate; & no on Fake Pranks because it defeats the purpose of filming a prank - it's not fun.

Being that those are mostly the modern day expectation of a video coming out of the "Prank Community," I've came to the conclusion after talking with a few people with great YouTube / Entertainment insight that it's just time for SEFD to split because we will not prosper under those conditions.

Again, not to be confused, SEFD will still be making exactly the same style of content, it's just that we will be using subtle things to attract more of another audience.

So moving forward we will be doing a lot of things slightly different, Titling, Tags, Thumbnails & all of that hoopla will be approached from a slightly different angle. But I can assure you that if you already love SEFD the only thing that will change is that things will get better as we hopefully join into another community or perhaps even create a new.

& on that note it's time for me to stop writing. This is already too long & if I start rereading it I'll most likely tell myself this is a dumb post, cancel it, & it'll sit in drafts forever, so I'll head for the publish now button & most likey end up re-reading & editing it at that point. Who am I talking to? hahaha