Filming is one of the best feelings in the world

Yep, I've decided.

Filming is for sure one of the best feelings in the world to me. Tonight we filmed for a total of like an hour for a video but during the whole duration of this hour nothing else mattered. The car troubles that I am facing, fuck it, bills & debt that I owe, fuck it, girl problems, fuck it, low wadges, high gas prices, being an outsider, national issues, slow business growth, feeling of entrapment, fuck it all.

Recently we [ SEFD ] have been filming a lot less than we used to, but tonight I realized that I really need to get things back into motion because filming is like a nice little high that lasts for a good amount of hours. Sure when I upload this video a handful of people will hate on the video & leave stupidass comments stating how we aren't better than so & so, but for doing this for 3+ years comments or being the "best" obviously isn't my motivation for doing this.

I get a natural enjoyment out of creating a certain style of videos that embodies my childhood experiences. Wait wait wait, stop stop, I am starting to get off topic.

Filming is the best,

Hell yeah.