My Modern Day Method

It's rare that I look back when it comes to SEFD Stuff; my modern day method for this is: plan for a video, schedule a video, execute, edit, upload, relish for a day or 2, then find the next video project to work on. I find this very fun & it keeps me busy, but with this new I had to add all of our videos to the site archives & It forced me to look back a bit.

I just can't believe it's been 3+ years already. I remember some months ago a friend asked me something along the lines of: "So how's it feel to go from 0 to where you're at now" & my response was "you know, I've never really seen it because I've lived it everyday, it's like waking up every morning & checking to see how much your hair has grown, you don't really see the progress until you look back."

But I digress, & now to the point on why I decided to write this post; 2011 pound for pound is still a very good year of content, I think 2011 still holds up. What sucks is that the views for our 2011 content is very low, & so I recommend any new SEFD viewer to scrub though our 2011 content. 2011 holds the essentials to SEFD & 2012 / 2013 changed SEFD's approach quite a bit. Any who, I am going to leave you with this, check out some of these 2011 videos that I want to start planning a 2014/2015 sequel for. Please check them out especially if you haven't seen them.

Audios Amigos,