Monthly Free Give-aways

What's up everyone, I have an announcement. will be starting a little something called "SEFD Stuff Surprise" & the idea is really simple. On the first of the month of EVERY month, we will announce a contest & who ever wins that contest will be shipped some SEFD Stuff but what you get will all be a complete surprise.

Who knows, you may receive just a couple of stickers, or a T-Shirt, or a SEFD collectible, or you may even receive something like exclusive SEFD Shoes, who knows! If you don't win don't worry, just try again next month, so essentially you will have 12 chances a year to win.

Okay! That's it, we start the first one May 1rst so make sure to come back & visit to try your SEFD skills & win some stuff.

P.S. We have new SEFD Stuff being ordered for the SEFD Store so you guys will get some good SEFD Stuff!