Bored, at the moment.

At the moment I am bored, tired, but luckily not hungry, as fuck. I'm on the clock just sitting here, so I thought why not just let a subconscious stream of whatever blah just flow out in a blog post.

You know, I am very impressed that SEFD has been able to put up a video every week with all things considered. Meaning like schedules, production time, & all that, I've you don't or never done week media content as a side gig / hobby I think you'd be surprised how much invested time is required to keep it all operational.

Unfortunately I don't find most simplistic productions fun so in order for SEFD to exist it has to stay rather intricate, which brings me to another topic.

I've learned that SEFD in general is pretty niche, I think. Meaning that you must enjoy a certain stye of in order to take in the full experience of SEFD, & I love that. SEFD has been around for a while, we just started it's fifth year & so I've heard feedback from a nice pool size of people. There's nothing that I love to hear more is from people that really understand what SEFD is about. Yes we do stupid prank videos every week but I do the best I can to make it more than just "some idiot who needs to grow up & get a real job" I try to educate in some way, and or provide a perspective, a commentary of sorts. I've always wanted to be a satirist & so this medium helps me accomplish that we'll. I look forward to find more people in addition to those of you that I am already grateful towards that enjoy this potentially weird & endangered style of production. With more of you awesome fucks we'll be able to do some really cool shit, & trust me I have the plans.

Okay. That's all for now, I have to actually apply now at work. I could go on & on with my Not-fully-thought-out-rambling, but maybe I will do more later.

I always hate writing these because I am never entirely sure what I am saying, trust me, you should see how many posts I start but always end up canning at the end of it.

Okay got to go. If you have questions about my bullshit, leave it below & I'll get back to you. :)