Your Prank Ideas, Our Prank Execution, INSERT_NAME_YOU_HELP_US_CHOOSE_HERE

So I've been wanting to do this series for a little while now but I've never been sure what I've been waiting on, but I think this is it.

I've always wanted to take your wacky prank ideas & perform them in public, but I think you can understand my procrastination, take this for example:

Lol awesome! You should do one with you guys doing backflips and wearing armor 
What should the series name be? *

Of course thanks for the comment but I am not even entirely sure what to make of that Prank suggestion, but anyhow I digress. The idea of this new series is to have you guys submit your ideas here on the site then we go out in public & of course execute it. I am not entirely sure of the format of the series but it will either be the usual clip to clip to clip or I'll give some sort of intro before the clips something like a TV Show format or it'll be 1 idea per video. I don't know but one this is for certain we are going to try & make it exclusive for the site only because we want more traffic on our new site & only if you guys knew the benefits we'd all reap from that achievement.

I am beginning to type too much & so I'll end this post by saying we need your help on deciding the name of this new series & we need prank suggestions! Please begin leaving some prank ideas in the comment section below & vote on the name that you like best on the poll above. More information of this series will come later in the future, but until then thanks for the help & support!