is back! is back, & stronger than ever! We have so many great plans with this new site, & thankfully our new host is so great that we'll be able to accommodate them all! 

But let's start this re-launch off right:

I have 2 little goodies for you SEFD Chefs:

  1. Enjoy this unreleased prank that we never made public for whatever reasons, but it is an installment in the Public Says series, & it is, well, just check it out!
  2. We offer 50% OFF A "SEFD TEXT" T-Shirt! All you have to do is enter the promo code "redone" at checkout! This promo lasts for the rest of the weekend!

Enjoy guys, we have some really cool plans with this site, & yes, the usual SEFD videos will continue to come as they have been for the last 3 years. SEFD was always meant to be more than just a YouTube channel, & hopefully this site will help us strengthen the SEFD brand!

Here's To Future Plans,



P.S. I am sorry that the site isn't 100% finished yet, we still have to get all content up on the site & fix the mobile & a couple of other small things, but I am an impatient bastard. Feel free to leave your thoughts & things you want to see on our new site!