Jabril talks about SEFD's Return


First week officially back & it feels great I must say. Posy or neggy, it just feels good to interact with comments again & read people's thoughts on something that you created from your imagination. I forgot how great it feels & glad that I finally figured out how to bring the fun back with SEFD mentally.

Most of you aren't aware, but my last car died in about June 2014, I had limited ways of organizing shoots. But in addition to that, if you look at 2014 as a whole we were uploading about 1 video a month, this is due to our 2013 year.

Long story short in 2012 we created a little something called "SEFD Madness" which in a nutshell were super simplistic videos & designed for the most part to increase subscriptions & views, because everyone wants that right? This includes content like Sitting Next To Strangers, Comment Ettiquette, Contests, & other simple videos here & there. In part it was fun to experiment with different ideas that didn't require what I like to call that SEFD structure for the first time, but a lot of the times it just got repetitive & boring to do, especially as time went on. It became to the point where I knew I had to do it just to keep the revenue coming in, which fast forward to 2014 is what led us to where we are at. 2013 was VERY madness heavy & put me in a very uninspired state of mind by the time 2014 came around.

BUT NOW, I am beyond inspired to do prank videos, I have a bunch of ridiculous & innovative prank ideas, some of which are already shot & other of which I still have to work on the budget for but we will get there. SEFD is back with a much needed aesthetic & breath of fresh air for pranks, I realize that some will love it & others will hate it, but I am having fun again, so fuck it.

Stay tuned friends. :)