Facebook Copyright Infringement

Facebook is a wonderful place to some, but a terrible place for others, but my intent for writing this post isn't to rant about why I despise facebook so much, I just wanted to touch on Facebook's initiative to take market share away from YouTube.

Now, I come across many videos during my 3 minute spurts while on facebook, most of them being vines, but a lot are surprisingly YouTube videos which can be a cool thing. From hilarious realizations to mind blowing or revealing content, I often find myself enjoying what I come across though I hate the feeling of being on facebook. All of this so far is good, but the issue that stems from this is that the posts are highly unlikely to be from the original content creator, chances are that some celebrity or popular fan page has posted someone else's video. I've heard from friends may times that facebook has stolen their video, & this has even happened to me once or twice, but the issue was really put into perspective when I seen Rahat's tweet.

The issue is always that credit is not given to the original content creator, the person or persons who put the hard work into the content is left out for someone else's benefit & that just isn't right.

There are so many ramifications to this, what if you spent a lot of time on a project & then someone else creating another link for their own credit & that becomes the link that gets shared around instead of yours? What if you've worked hard enough to get video production to be your livelihood & someone just uploads your video & takes away from your opportunity to keep that going? I remember watching some video on facebook & just being interested by it but I couldn't figure out where it had came from to watch more, & the comments were just filled with @tags to tell their friends to watch it, why was it so hard to figure out who created that content? Better question, why is this okay?

I feel like the problem that YouTube content creators is facing right now is the same issue that Cable had to deal with the introduction of YouTube, but now from YouTube -> Facebook, it's even more condensed & even more sporadic. The good news here is that Cable execs pressured YouTube enough until they made some changes for the better, & I think that is what facebook is in need of right now, because we don't need another worldstar. [ I still don't understand why people take such pride in being featured on Worldstar, they don't embed your video ] If they don't fix it, I see the future of internet content like this for example:

My friend Mike posted a video that he found funny I am assuming, which is fine & I'd actually advocate all day, but this post that he is sharing is from Rap Musician Tyga with 8.1M views. Now I would have no gripe if this was a video of Tyga throwin' hunnids hunnids at the camera or something, but it's not, its a video that I assume Tyga or perhaps even the people who post for him think is funny. Then within the video there is an @tag on screen which is another credit, but how do we know that this is the creator of the content? I looked it up & it turned out it is but that isn't always the case. 

So in order to get credit for your own work you to have to have your credits on screen at all times? It is a shame that everyone wants credit without creating value, but I understand Darwinism very well & so I know what I must do! haha

Went To Film, Ended On An Adventure

I left my house today to film a new video, but ended up on a rather cool & perhaps much needed adventure; Today was for sure interesting.

If you do not feel like reading this, you can listen to it verbatim on the player to the right. You're welcome :D

SEFD hasn't uploaded a new video in almost 8 weeks, every week that I don't upload it wears on my mental process regardless if I show it or not. So waking up today you bet your uncle Ben I was both excited & anxious, but the day didn't start well. You see, it's been raining here over the last couple of days & this morning looked like it was only going to continue & my cameraman Kevin & I were on standby until I checked out the film location & okayed us to shoot. When I show up on site everything is actually perfect, minus 1 thing, the lens that I bought on my new camera only can zoom to 55mm which is barely anything for those of you that don't know. For good practical zooming for pranks & what not, you want to be in the 100-200mm range, but I digress.

On-site, everything was perfect, sun was out, people were out, we had lots of sun left, & yet I found myself frustrated trying to figure out how to maximize with a 55mm limit. "If Kevin sits at this table & pretends to read then I can mess with people in this area, but what if they move to here, what if there is a good group to mess with in this area?" bullshitting really, I was bullshitting, which made me review why I got the camera in the first place & sold my old one?

There are a lot of things that I can say to try & justify why I got the camera, but I think the most important thing to say right now is that it just felt like the right thing to do. Here I am with a camera in my hand that works incredibly, but doesn't make me feel anything extra. My old camera added no extra energy into the equation of filming, or life for that matter, & let's be honest, it's quality was that of a potato.

Any who, I spent about half of my awoke day frustrated on how I could use tomorrow efficiently, because 55mm is my range limit until I order a used lens [ which I placed about an hour ago ], BUT I just can't put off another week without at least trying to get some new footage, excitement & anxiety would team up & kill me. It eventually came to the point in which I just chucked it up to a loss, & figured that tomorrows shoot potentially will be full of errors & fails due to our limit, & there is nothing that I could do about that so why waste any more energy on it? I then turned my focus efforts to benefit from being in the now & some rather cool stuff followed:

I got this dude's consent to take a picture of him while checking out underage chicks. [ Haha I actually have no idea what he was looking at, I just thought it looked cool ]

I got this dude's consent to take a picture of him while checking out underage chicks. [ Haha I actually have no idea what he was looking at, I just thought it looked cool ]

I met a couple of cool roommate ladies, Jaime & Christy, who one of which was working a healthy juice bar on the beach.

I met a couple of cool roommate ladies, Jaime & Christy, who one of which was working a healthy juice bar on the beach.

I got a couple of silent Life Guards to strike a pose while burning the hell up in the truck.

I got a couple of silent Life Guards to strike a pose while burning the hell up in the truck.

I was taking photos of a flower when a bee photobombed the shoot haha.

I was taking photos of a flower when a bee photobombed the shoot haha.

I was talking to a group of kids that were doing bike tricks when a cop rolled up out of no where.

I was talking to a group of kids that were doing bike tricks when a cop rolled up out of no where.

This cool family gave me a ride to the bathroom for the hell of it.

This cool family gave me a ride to the bathroom for the hell of it.

This photo just looks cool.

This photo just looks cool.

& I surprisingly ran into a SEFD fan & had a cool conversation with him & his crew at In-N-Out!

& I surprisingly ran into a SEFD fan & had a cool conversation with him & his crew at In-N-Out!

Today was a lot of fun & undoubtedly meant to be. I think the real lesson that I learned today is this: at the fact that my camera wasn't proving to be sufficient enough for my current needs, that doesn't mean that I need to frustrate myself & indulge in negative energy. Today for me John Wooden's quote stating:

Do not let what you cannot do, interfere with what you can do.
— http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/j/johnwooden105700.html

was really exemplified. Ironically so, that I later learned that the 55mm lens comes with extended digital zoom; sure the quality will be dramatically downgraded, but at least we get to go out & make some mistakes tomorrow to learn from for when my 55-210mm lens gets here next week.

Today was very cool & I added it to my collection of cool/calm days, in which we ALL need more of. I hope there is some sort of take away for you from what I've learned to day, but beyond that, prepare yourself for some very cool, unique, one of a kind content very soon.

Thanks for reading,


Top 10: E3 2015 - Most Exciting Titles

So, just to stay consistent with what I did last year, here are the most exciting E3 Titles to me from the 2015 conferences & show floor. Some of these titles you may have heard of already, some of these titles may have already been on my list from years prior, but these are the top 10 titles that drummed up the most amount of excitement for me.

10 - Starfox Zero

Starfox Zero is number 10 for a reason. I love the Starfox brand & what it represents, BUT, the game doesn't really look appetizing. The demo opened up with pretty much the same level as on the N64 which, eh for nostalgic reasons was cool, but I really want to see what's new that they bring to the table. P.S. That land walker thing wasn't really enough for me to be sold. :/

Though, I must say, I will play the game, & I'm sure it'll be fun, but in terms of this countdown, it wasn't all too exciting.

9 - Battleborn

Battleborn looks interesting, looks a lot like the chaos FPS multiplayer games like Borderlands, Team Fortress, Gotham City Impostors, Splatoon, etc, which I'd be interested to at the very least try out it's mechanics.

8 - Starwars Battle Front

I am a huge Starwars lover, but I hate FPS's unless it offers something very unique to the game play. I've never played the previous Battlefront so my entrance into the franchise will be nostalgic free, I just hope that the lore of Starwars, or the game mechanics will be enough to keep me enticed with this game. Eitherway, check out the Multiplay Demo below, it's very exciting.

7 - The Last Guardian

This game has me wondering so many questions & that is why I feel that I must play it. I am a story driven person by nature, & I've always been, I feel that this game will tell a great story with some puzzle mechanics, both of which I am more than willing to bare. Watch the E3 trailer & tell me how curious it makes you.

6 - XCOM 2

I know a lot of people perhaps wont agree with my decision here, especially at a #6 spot, BUT! I loved XCOM on PS3 & am excited for XCOM2. I loved the strategy mechanics of this game & seeing as they only added to this sequel, I am excited to take the excitement only further in XCOM 2. If you enjoy strategy games & have never tried the new XCOM game, I hands down recommend that you give it a try.

5 - Xenoblade Chronicles X

Oh sweet sweet JRPG's, how my love for you have been a rollercoaster over the past decade or so. Xenoblade Chronicles looks very expansive & enticing for a player like myself. Take an immersive free roam world, with core RPG elements & add summonable mechs? This is a game that I must experience. Though I've never played any other entries in the Xenoblade saga, I expect that it will also lead a great story as well.

4 - Fallout 4

I've only played Fallout New Vegas briefly, & the few minutes that I did play of it was very fun. I am miles excited for Fallout 4! Bethesda is one game studio that has no fear in pushing the limits & boundaries of software capabilities. Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is another title from them & I was very impressed with the immersion of that world, I expect no exception with Fallout 4, I again, I am miles excited for this title.

3 - No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky, boy I must say that this title has me afraid. The longer that it stays in development the more I begin to fantasize about the potentiality of what the game could be but that is never a healthy endeavor. It's presences at E3 this year was to the point, not entirely sure if it was enough to match the excitement of last year, but luckily I have been staying away from press & other opinions on this game because I wouldn't want this title to end up how spore did for me; nothing in which I expected it to be, & perhaps even advertised. Either way, No Man's Sky is a for sure purchase for me because I am space junkie at heart, I will continue to stay away from all press from this game be it official or not & when it comes out, I will create the experience that I desire within the confines of what HelloGames set. :)

2 - Hololens via Minecraft

This isn't really a title, it's more of an incredible tech innovation demo than anything, but either way this made number 2 for a reason. I've played minecraft briefly before but never have I bought it. Namely because I haven't found a group to play it with yet, but I would for sure be interested to buy this game just for the tech alone. I can only imagine the titles that could be published with this tech, well mostly simulators, but a City Simulator, Life Simulator like The Sims, planet simulator like Universe Sandbox, hell, I even have some titles of my own that I'd love to develop with on hololens! I could imagine this tech being implemented into Television, Movies, Websites, you name it! If you can't already tell, I am very excited for this tech!

1 -Final Fantasy VII - Remake

I am very sorry but the fanboy in me will not let me override my excitement for this title. Final Fantasy VII - Remake is finally confirmed & is upon us. Holy shit I can't believe I just said that. I am both excited for the fact that I get to re-live one of my favorite storyarcs ever told, & play one of my favorite RPG mechanics again, but also very afraid that it won't be anywhere near what I've been fantasizing about for almost 10 years now. Great thing is that Nomora is in charge for this project, & all the spin off titles & movies even that they've released for FFVII have been great, so in Square I trust. I can't wait to see Cloud take charge of a high poly Ifrit to take down The Turks. You bet your ass chills will ensue down my spin.

Feel free to weigh in with your thoughts on the games, my perspective or what have you, I'll be replying to all comments posted here & would love to discuss any aspect with you.

SEFD is officially done with the "Prank Community"

Haha, I need to make this brief or else I'll never post it. Trust me, I have way too many drafts saved, but anywho:

SEFD is officially done with the "Prank Community," finito & possibly forever.  The "Prank Community" has changed & evolved, which I respect because that is natural. I am a huge proponent of Darwinism which proposes that you either adapt or die; beat them or join them. No, please be sure, I am not sitting here being bitter & hating on how things are now, that isn't what this post is about because that energy doesn't help anything, in fact if I played on that energy all the time I wouldn't have the time & energy to realize this new direction, you know?

Now don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean that SEFD is done & will not be making videos, it in it's simplest form means that we are looking for a new community to become a part of.

When it comes to the "Prank Community," I must say that the sense of community is very poor in correlation to other communities, though it wasn't always as bad as it is now. I can recall back in 2012 [ shit I'm old ] some 5+ prank channels all communicated, created together, hours long skype session & the whole works, & now the energy in the prank space is just weird, & I wont lie, I don't care to be around a good number of prank channels now-a-days, the inspiration is just not there for me, & I just love to be inspired really.

But back to Darwinism, I refuse to do sexual content because it's just not funny to me & there's nothing I can do about the way my brain works; I wont do comments anymore because it has morphed into something that represents atrocity; No on kissing / picking up girls because I don't want to create some short-term branded fantasy for these horned kids; No on (IN THE HOOD) / (GONE WRONG) because these just propagate hate; & no on Fake Pranks because it defeats the purpose of filming a prank - it's not fun.

Being that those are mostly the modern day expectation of a video coming out of the "Prank Community," I've came to the conclusion after talking with a few people with great YouTube / Entertainment insight that it's just time for SEFD to split because we will not prosper under those conditions.

Again, not to be confused, SEFD will still be making exactly the same style of content, it's just that we will be using subtle things to attract more of another audience.

So moving forward we will be doing a lot of things slightly different, Titling, Tags, Thumbnails & all of that hoopla will be approached from a slightly different angle. But I can assure you that if you already love SEFD the only thing that will change is that things will get better as we hopefully join into another community or perhaps even create a new.

& on that note it's time for me to stop writing. This is already too long & if I start rereading it I'll most likely tell myself this is a dumb post, cancel it, & it'll sit in drafts forever, so I'll head for the publish now button & most likey end up re-reading & editing it at that point. Who am I talking to? hahaha


Bored, at the moment.

At the moment I am bored, tired, but luckily not hungry, as fuck. I'm on the clock just sitting here, so I thought why not just let a subconscious stream of whatever blah just flow out in a blog post.

You know, I am very impressed that SEFD has been able to put up a video every week with all things considered. Meaning like schedules, production time, & all that, I've you don't or never done week media content as a side gig / hobby I think you'd be surprised how much invested time is required to keep it all operational.

Unfortunately I don't find most simplistic productions fun so in order for SEFD to exist it has to stay rather intricate, which brings me to another topic.

I've learned that SEFD in general is pretty niche, I think. Meaning that you must enjoy a certain stye of in order to take in the full experience of SEFD, & I love that. SEFD has been around for a while, we just started it's fifth year & so I've heard feedback from a nice pool size of people. There's nothing that I love to hear more is from people that really understand what SEFD is about. Yes we do stupid prank videos every week but I do the best I can to make it more than just "some idiot who needs to grow up & get a real job" I try to educate in some way, and or provide a perspective, a commentary of sorts. I've always wanted to be a satirist & so this medium helps me accomplish that we'll. I look forward to find more people in addition to those of you that I am already grateful towards that enjoy this potentially weird & endangered style of production. With more of you awesome fucks we'll be able to do some really cool shit, & trust me I have the plans.

Okay. That's all for now, I have to actually apply now at work. I could go on & on with my Not-fully-thought-out-rambling, but maybe I will do more later.

I always hate writing these because I am never entirely sure what I am saying, trust me, you should see how many posts I start but always end up canning at the end of it.

Okay got to go. If you have questions about my bullshit, leave it below & I'll get back to you. :) 

Need Creators for "Love Week" Initiative

We want to host a Love Week this year but need you to join us!

What is Love Week?

Simply put, Love Week is 1 week in February in which every day of that week, 7 different creators will upload a video on a respective day filling a full week of Love Content. Yes the week is Feb 8th - Feb 14th 2015. Yes this is the week of Valentines day.

Do I have to change my content format to participate?

No, not at all. In fact, we encourage you to produce your Love Week video with as much of your aesthetic as possible. The goal of Love Week is not only to provide several audiences a week's worth of fun / cool content, but also to introduce your content to different audiences & hopefully captivate new viewers. But you will need to slightly re-format your endslate.

How will they all link together & Drive traffic?

In the endslate, you will be required to plug the Love Week initiative [ describing it essentially ] & have a provided graphic in your endslate as well that promotes all creators involved with an annotation. With this feature spanning across all 7 channels, it ensures maximum exposure for Love Week. Lastly the main thing that you will be required to promote is the Love Week Playlist, which of course will be comprised of all videos involved in Love Week.

Are there any limits or caps?

No. Get as creative or simplistic as you want. Hell, you don't even have to be a "prank" channel, as long as we can all figure out a way to make sure that all of the content flows well together then we're fine. I think the only limit is the amount of creators that can be involved seeing as there are only 7 Days of the week; Food for thought, we will be changing our Intro tag to this starting the 28th of January for our Love Month Initiative.

How do I join the Love Week Initiative?

Easy, just put your name, channel, email, & what preferred day you'd like to upload, on this form & well be in touch.

What day you'd like to upload on? *
Check more than 1 if you don't mind either.

if you have any questions, comments, or blah, feel free to reach out to us via email or twitter.

Happy Hunting,


2011 Audio Project

While working on a video featuring Siri, I ran into an old Audio Project that I did for class in 2011. It was a lot of fun to produce & I think it still holds up entertainment wise, so why let it just stay buried on my hard drive? Boy I learned a lot from this class, pretty much all my audio editing skills & innovation began with the knowledge gained in this class.

Check it out if you are interested. 

Jabril talks about SEFD's Return


First week officially back & it feels great I must say. Posy or neggy, it just feels good to interact with comments again & read people's thoughts on something that you created from your imagination. I forgot how great it feels & glad that I finally figured out how to bring the fun back with SEFD mentally.

Most of you aren't aware, but my last car died in about June 2014, I had limited ways of organizing shoots. But in addition to that, if you look at 2014 as a whole we were uploading about 1 video a month, this is due to our 2013 year.

Long story short in 2012 we created a little something called "SEFD Madness" which in a nutshell were super simplistic videos & designed for the most part to increase subscriptions & views, because everyone wants that right? This includes content like Sitting Next To Strangers, Comment Ettiquette, Contests, & other simple videos here & there. In part it was fun to experiment with different ideas that didn't require what I like to call that SEFD structure for the first time, but a lot of the times it just got repetitive & boring to do, especially as time went on. It became to the point where I knew I had to do it just to keep the revenue coming in, which fast forward to 2014 is what led us to where we are at. 2013 was VERY madness heavy & put me in a very uninspired state of mind by the time 2014 came around.

BUT NOW, I am beyond inspired to do prank videos, I have a bunch of ridiculous & innovative prank ideas, some of which are already shot & other of which I still have to work on the budget for but we will get there. SEFD is back with a much needed aesthetic & breath of fresh air for pranks, I realize that some will love it & others will hate it, but I am having fun again, so fuck it.

Stay tuned friends. :)


Unfortunately, I Am Currently Not In Control

Boy is this a very weird time for me. I am very used to having control of things around me but the control has been removed from my hands due to my car maintenance costing $2K+. It's very weird, I LOVE my car, more than you probably think after reading that line. I have a weird connection with cars & I just love them. Every time my car would feel like shit, it would reflect on my mood as well. Now that my car isn't drive-able & I am unsure what I am going to do with it at this point, my mind just isn't working correctly.

Not to mention this all happened at a very bad time. I was hoping to release some SEFD videos in 3-4 weeks, [ either the 14th or 21rst of August ] but now I may have to push back the date a little further back when I really don't want to. We've already lost out on about 4 shoot days due to my car issue & it's just a shitty feeling overall. If any of you guys know me, filming public sketches is a great get away from stress & all of that jazz for me, so to replace filming with more bullshit is shitty haha.

Now I don't want you think that I am suffering any form of "depression" or anything crazy like that, I'm fine & I know it'll eventually work it'self out, it's just that I felt like writing this would help me get a better overview of the situation.

Anyhow, to sum stuff up, having to bum rides off of people, & borrow couches, showers & what not sucks. The metro from my house to my area of work / filming / friends is like 25 miles & I have to do a trolley transfer in between, it just wouldn't be worth it.

Sure, I know there are way worst problems in the world, hell maybe even down the street from my house. But I don't know. Can't wait for all of this to be over.

Haha I must go now before I start to re-read this post & end up canceling publishing for this post. You'd be surprised how often I write detailed posts but delete them after reading them because they feel too cheesy. You get the point, I am going to sleep now so I can get up early & bum a ride to work haha.

About These So Called "Pranks"

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, & here is mine.

These quote on quote "Public Pranks" just aren't funny anymore. Back when I started in late 2010 there was a lot of lore & aspiration involved with crafting a prank video, but now days it's nothing but pissing people off with no real intent, or trying to perv on as many loosey girls as possible, or Feeding The Adsense, I mean homeless. Ultimately I say hey if there's an audience for it then there is an audience for it, but damn how things have changed.

Quote on quote "Public Pranks" no longer take any sort of skill or stench of creativity. Anyone could easily go around saying "SAYING FUCK YOU" to people while holding a phone up to their ear then when someone gets pissed, recant that with "Oh no I am just talking to someone on the phone, big misunderstanding," & if they want to for sure a success hit, they can do "SAYING FUCK YOU IN THE HOOD PUBLIC PRANK" in which they are for sure to get repressed & naturally agitated people to get angry even quicker. [ PS I just made up this example, I don't know if this video actually exist but wouldn't be surprised ]

This all came about while watching Bad Grandpa recently, Johnny Knoxville does just that, he gets this guy really worked up, but Knoxville & dickhouse didn't per say prey on this guy out looking for trouble, looking for him to just simply react, they created an unusual situation letting the guy approach them & play off of the guy's energy. This way there is actually something to reveal. Had Irving aka Bad Grandpa aka Knoxville went up to this guy & just said fuck you to the guy with no merit behind it, there wouldn't of been anything to reveal. A fuck you is still a fuck you, regardless of if a camera is rolling or not.

Last thing are those helping the homeless videos, I laugh everytime that I see one. Not because they're funny, but because they are always a contradiction. If helping is your true intent, why do you need to film it? Who are you truly trying to help here, the homeless in your city, or your views & adsense account? My mother & aunt onced helped a man get back on his feet buying him meals & paying for his hotel stay back in like '06 or something, I wonder why they didn't film the guy & exploit him, maybe they should have.

But when it's all said & done I am not hating, kids. Keep doing what you do if you enjoy it & don't give a shit about what another man or woman thinks. But all that I am saying is that I rarely get to laugh at new "Public Pranks" like I used to in the good old days. :/

Whatever, I guess everyone gets old & out of touch at some point haha, but new SEFD Videos coming soon, see you in August muchachos.