Procedural Forest Island is a relaxing, meditation intended application that was inspired by computer screensavers. The idea is to load up Procedural Forest Island, adjust your settings, then enjoy your study session, or whatever may have you!


Watch Your Forest Grow

Experience the surprisingly fun task of watching procedural plants grow into your very own procedural forest!

Experience Cool Sights

There is a day & night cycle in Procedural Forest Island, so you get to watch digital sun rises & sets sets, & even a cool night sky!



Adjust Your Settings

Not the patient type? Well there is a setting that allows you to control the growth speed of your forest! You can chose to watch it grow extremely fast or really slow, all depending on your mood of course!

Relax to original Music

Included in Procedural Forest Island are 6 original music composition that were inspired by space, discovery, & love, so you will feel right at home if you need calm music to relax, study, or what have you!